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Soul Cap | Microfiber Hair Towel

This towel loves your hair.

Wrap up your hair in our microfibre towel to give it the safe and gentle drying it deserves – without the harsh heat and friction of hairdryers and regular towels.

It’s extra-absorbent and super-lightweight, designed to naturally draw water away from your hair while avoiding breakage and damage to your follicles.

Gentle care means stronger hair.

Forget the harsh towel-rubbing and the heat from your hairdryer – keep your strands happy and healthy as they dry naturally and gently. Less frizz, less breakage, and no trauma to your hair!

Cuts your drying time in half.

With a high surface area that drinks up water faster than a regular towel, you’ll be ready to style in half the time – with no extra effort, and no risk of damage.

For short, long, or volume-blessed hair.

Whether you’re on a natural hair journey, trying out new extensions, or looking after your braids, our gentle and lightweight hair towel helps you keep your hair’s natural strength, curls, and bounce.


How to Use
  1. Flip your head forward.
  2. Centre the SOUL CAP label at the nape of your neck and wrap the towel crossing at your forehead. 
  3. Twist the length of the towel, and bring your head upright. 
  4. Tuck the loose end at the nape of your neck, and you’re good to go!

For maximum hair absorption, we recommend leaving your SOUL CAP Towel in place for 7-8 minutes.


(H) 50cm, (W) 132cm

80% Polyester 20% Nylon