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EveRooted Beauti is committed to doing our part to help preserve our planet. This is not a game, folks! Everything that we do is with this spirit in mind. When we are researching possible product and vendor partnerships, we are looking at their sustainable practices to ensure that their values align with our own. The fight for preservation of our planet and environment is not ours alone and we seek partners that are actively engaged in sustainable initiatives.

In our warehouse fulfillment center, we engage in the following actions:

  • Work to ensure our shipping containers are made from at least 30% post-consumer recycled and waste paper.
  • Purchase packing materials that are mostly biodegradable and compostable.
  • Print our packing slips using soy or water-based inks and biodegradable paper.
  • If our manufacturers use styrofoam packaging (yuck!), we will attempt to reuse or recycle it, rather than tossing it away. This means there is the slight chance that you may receive an order stuffed with this repurposed styrofoam packaging. It is not our preference but we’d rather reuse it and simply throw it in the trash.

In our office space, we:

  • Conserve energy by turning off the lights and only turn the HVAC in spaces that are being actively used.
  • Drink water from reusable BPA-free containers instead of single-use plastic
  • Recycle any piece of plastic or cardboard or paper.
  • Ensure that food waste gets composted.
  • Encourage e-conversation, e-commerce and online billing to help reduce paper in our office and offices of those who do business with us.

We’ve heard that 95% of beauty packaging is thrown away after one use and 86% of plastic used in beauty packaging never makes it to a recycling center. We get it…knowing what is recyclable and compostable can be tricky and a bit confusing! So we’ve listed some tips and tricks below. And as always, you can always reach out to us if there’s a question on what to do.

  • Check your local recycling rules and regulations. You can also use resources like Recycle Coach, How2Recycle, and EARTH911 to check what recyclables are accepted.
  • Check for the universal recycling symbol (triangle) AND what is noted on the labels.
    If a product is made out of glass, plastic or cardboard, rinse it out and toss it into the recycling bin. (You can generally leave the labels on).
  • Got leftover synthetic braiding hair? Don’t throw it away. Ask us on how to recycle old plastic, synthetic hair. We know of a couple of organizations that will turn it into outdoor furniture, decking and so much more!
  • REPURPOSE: Reuse and repurpose your containers for planting flowers or plants, turning them into travel kits, storage containers, etc.
  • Send them back to EveRooted Beauti! Hey look, if you send us your empties, we will recycle them or rehome them for you!