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About Us

EveRooted Beauti takes your grooming needs personally. We believe that Black beauty deserves to be seen and celebrated. We believe that skincare, haircare, and mindfulness go hand and hand. There is a bigger picture here when it comes to fully embracing your unique features without frustration or confusion. In a world engulfed in social media perpetuating unattainable beauty standards, it is imperative that we detach ourselves from influences that don't see or reflect our community. With our collection of high-quality products crafted by Black women and men, we encourage our customers to feel empowered in their shopping experiences. We know that what they find on EveRooted Beauti is the best. Whether you're a stylist opening your own salon, a parent looking for products for their families, or embarking on a journey of self-love, EveRooted Beauti has what you need. 

Our premier shopping experience features a full range of carefully selected Black and melanin-skin focused products from cosmetics, haircare, skincare, and so much more. EveRooted Beauti makes shopping for the products you love accessible and affordable, all with a health-first mindset. We are here to embrace our natural beauty and eliminate the 'black consumer deserts' that plague our communities.
Our Black communities possess limitless talent and potential. EveRooted Beauti is the marketplace focused on supporting and growing the movement of circulating Black dollars back into our Black communities. By promoting Black-owned businesses and giving them a space to maximize their presence, we help the beauty industry become a true reflection of all.

EveRooted Beauti ensures our customers have premium choices that elevate their individual voices and make a statement for inclusive and meaningful Black beauty.

Brand Story

Founders and first cousins, Ellide Smith and Shaunarey Harris-Amos have always taken an interest in the artistry of transformation and the uniqueness of Black beauty. Like many melanin-rich women around the country, they found it particularly challenging to purchase products geared toward their unique features. Even with the rise of Black-owned hair and skin companies, it was close to impossible to get their hands on items they needed without incredible inconvenience to their time, energy, or finances.

This became even more evident for Shaunarey while she was in the military and unable to find Black beauty brands with health-first ingredients. With major store chains lacking the necessary product diversity, these two sought to change their reality and solve the beauty crisis plaguing so many women and men of color. 

So EveRooted Beauti launched, with the imperative as a family-owned business to make beauty accessible, create a space to promote inclusivity, and normalize what it looks like to practice self-care. 

Mission Statement

We want every person who shops with EveRooted Beauti to feel empowered in their roots and radiate that power in their admiral features. We are on a mission to connect hard-working, Black-owned companies with customers that deserve the best-of-the-best in hair care and skincare. We care for you and your family. This is why we focus on products with effective, quality ingredients designed to make you feel beautiful in your natural-rooted state. We refuse to settle when it comes to your beauty products, and encourage you to believe in better with EveRooted Beauti, where we're redefining what true beauty means to Black communities.

Vision Statement

EveRooted Beauti cultivates an inclusive community for all things Black business while changing the narrative of what beauty looks and feels like from the inside out. We focus on spreading joy and passion for Black beauty and mindfulness in a way that does not appear enough in the beauty industry at-large. We cater to all Black women, men,and melanin-rich skin on different journeys and serve as the bridge between their journeys and their beauty needs. Our carefully selected products assist in creating a permanent crown for our Kings and Queens, allowing them to experience confidence each and every day.