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Naturalicious | Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil | 4oz

You: How do I regrow my natural hair?

Us: This treatment oil is the answer! It naturally helps hair regrow AND gently moisturizes your scalp.

You’ll start to see regrowth in as little as 30 days. (Use for a complete 90 days to see even greater results.)

The Spanish Almond Regrowth Oil is EXACTLY what you need, babe!

Tight, curly hair? Loose, wavy hair?

We don't care.

It's time to say “Adios, Felicia!” once and for all to your thinning hair.

Naturalicious Sweet Spanish Almond Oil, directly imported from the rolling hills of Spain, is a superb sealant for hair and is widely regarded for its ability to soften and recondition, while helping to regrow thinning hair.

Rich in natural proteins, Olein Glyceride Linoleic Acid and Vitamin D, this beautifully scented oil is incredibly nourishing and soothing to the scalp, helping to stimulate blood flow around the roots of hair, thereby helping to regrow and restore it to its natural elegance and beauty. use also on body for luxurious, glowing skin.


Imported from Spain

Sweet Spanish Almond Oil, Fragrance