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SwirlyCurly | Frizz-Reducing Turban Towel

The Swirly Curly Turban Towel is the perfect solution to dry and protect your beautiful, natural, curly hair. Quick drying and frizz reducing technology protects your hair from harmful heat and makes hair treatments more effective.

The high-quality microfiber dries your hair fast while the satin exterior gives you a beautiful, stylish look.

Color: Black
Honey Gold
  • REDUCE FRIZZ WHILE PROTECTING YOUR HAIR – Our microfiber technology zaps humidity, protecting your hair and keeping it frizz-free. Our turban towel wraps dry your hair naturally, letting you avoid the heat damage caused by hair dryers.

  • QUICK DRY TECHNOLOGY – Each turban towel is dual sided. The microfiber side absorbs water, quickly drying wet hair and curls faster than cotton towels. The satin side works best for dry or damp hair and offers added protection.

  • PERFECT FOR NATURAL, CURLY HAIR – Designed specifically for your natural, full, curly hair. The adjustable SWIRLYCURLY turban towel has plenty of room and is comfortable enough to wear all day or while you sleep. The Turban Towel fits both adults and children.

  • HIGH QUALITY AND STYLISH – Our products are made with high quality, premium materials and backed by our lifetime warranty. They not only dry and protect your hair, but let you look great while doing it. The satin finish lets you look chic while out on the town, or just feel gorgeous while relaxing at home.

  • EASY TO CARE FOR – Turban Towels are easy to keep clean and fresh. To clean, machine wash on cold and line dry.

The inside contains Microfiber, and the outside contains a Charmeuse Satin blend.