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Soul Cap | Junior Unisex Swim Cap | Kid's | Various Colors

Small on size – big on protection.

Keep your kids’ hair safe and dry with our new Junior Swim Cap, made from 100% premium silicone.

Built for big hair (and bigger personalities), our skin-friendly kids’ swim cap gives you the same full protection as our larger adult range – but in a smaller size for the same watertight seal

Size: Medium
Color: Black
Dry hair is happy hair.

Every swimmer needs protection – and younger swimmers are no exception. The new children’s swim cap comes with the same waterproof defence against harsh chemicals and the water of the pool – keeping your kids’ hair safe, dry, and happy as they swim.

Designed for kids with voluminous hair.

The junior swim caps were built with extra space for every hair type, with a snug fit and a tight seal for younger swimmers with volume-blessed hair. It’s a one-size-fits-all cap with a unisex design – so it’s the perfect swimming cap for girls and for boys.

100% free from latex and toxins

These skin-friendly kids’ swim caps are made from 100% premium silicone, and nothing else. So you can buy with confidence – to help them swim with confidence.


M: (H) 23cm, (W) 25cm, (Opening) 18cm

L: (H) 24cm, (W) 28.5cm, (Opening) 18.5cm

100% premium silicone