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Going Somewhere? What's in Your Travel Bag?

Spring break is here and a lot of y’all are getting ‘flewn out’ to all sorts of destinations - beaches, mountains, metros, countrysides, mountains, you name it.  We know that traveling can be stressful for those of us trying to maintain our hair care routine and keep our skin right and tight. You don’t have to succumb to those hotel lotions, shampoos and conditioners, thus sacrificing your routine for the sake of travel.

Going Somewhere? What's in Your Travel Bag?

Below I am giving you a peek into my ‘travel brain’ and how I prepare to be on the 'go-go', along with some product recommendations. (This is a true testimonial in how I stay sane when it comes to my hair and skin).

Sample/travel Hair Product sets

You can try to fit all of those big bottles of products into your checked luggage but wouldn’t you rather use that space for something else like souvenirs, shoes, outfits, etc? Hook yourself up with sample/travel-sizes of your fav products! Most meet the TSA threshold of 3.5oz, which means you can check them or stash them easily in your carry-on without fear of confiscation! EDEN Bodyworks and CurlMix are a couple of brands that carry these sizes. 

Fellas, the Golden Grooming Co and Frederick Benjamin also carry a few items in TSA-compliant sizes as well.

CurlMix Wash And Go System With HEAVY Hold For Curly Hair Fragrance-Free Travel-Size          Golden Grooming Co. Everyday Beard Bundle

Travel Diffuser

If there’s one thing we know for certain, the hotel hairdryer is always going to be there. We love to hate it. But you don’t have to. Make it work FOR you by taking along a nifty travel diffuser. I love the CurlKeeper Pop-up Curl Diffuser because it fits almost any hairdryer and collapses for easier storage in my bags, giving me more space for other things. And best of all, my curls are drying without the frizz!


Satin-lined Caps (for the plane and the bed)

I often find myself on a lot of red-eye, overnight flights (I like to have the whole day to spend at my destinations) and found that my hair is a hot mess when I wake up upon landing or all over the place when I’m making connections.  Thank goodness for cute wearable caps like the Grace Eleyae Adjustable Slap Cap. It’s satin-lined (for protection), functional (in that the elastic drawstrings are adjustable to fit any hairstyle) and cute enough that I can wear it to bed or out in public!

I also keep Hairbrella’s satin-lined Bandana in my travel bag too.  Because it’s lightweight and waterproof, it’s useful when you still want to look cute without a whole lot of effort.

Grace Elena Adjustable Satin-line Slap Cap                 

Swim Cap

We often spend a lot of time and money getting our hair done for trips but then end up saying “Nuh-uh, I can’t get my hair wet!” when faced with the hotel’s pool or a beautiful ocean. Any water-based activity becomes…complicated. SOUL CAP has the answer to helping us to enjoy the water and the waves with their accessible and inclusive line of swim caps. Got braids? That’s cool because the XL Swim Caps are ‘designed for hair blessed with volume’.



Some of us seek the sun out and some of us are running from it. (I am a sun seeker!) No matter what group you fall into, you need to protect your beautiful melanated skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays. (This is one reason why our ‘black don’t crack’!) Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30 lasts and lasts…AND is lightweight…AND doesn’t give you that white residue that we all hate. Infused with avocado and jojoba oil, your skin is going to be glowing! You will love looking good and feeling good, as this travel-sized  sunscreen is also reef-friendly!

Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30

Sample/travel sized Skin Care sets

It is hard to use some hotel lotions and soaps. They are either too watery, drying, fragrant, thick, etc. So I tend to not even bother with them. After making the mistake of packing my really nice body products and leaving them in the hotel room, I vowed to never do it again. This is where travel sizes come in handy again. Organic Bath Co.’s butter butters come in travel sizes, as does our bestselling buttah. by Dorian Renaud Scented Whipped Body Butter.  

Zuhuri Beauty can keep your face and eyes looking refreshed and revived after a long night of ‘vacationing’ with their S.O.S. AHA Night Recovery Face Serum and INIVIE Eye Serum.

Zuhuri Beauty INIVIE Eye Serum

What others things are in my grooming bag?

I purchased two of these items just so that I never have to worry about taking them out of my travel bag. Because I travel a lot (for work and personal), they stay in the bag so I can just grab it and drop it in my carryon or checked bag.

Detangling Comb
Detangling Brush
Brush for my Edges
Bobby Pins
Alligator Clips
Afro Pic


Want to know which products in our store are travel-ready (less than 3.5oz)? Type in the words “travel” or “TSA compliant” into the search bar and find out. Got a question? Chat with us too!