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SwirlyCurly | Thick Afro-Puff Scrunchies™ | Oversized | Pack of 3

Thick Oversized, Afro-Puff Scrunchies™ | The Perfect Hold for Big and Thick Hair

The struggle is real. You’ve tried every hair tie out there, but nothing seems to work right for your big, thick and curly natural hair.

To make things worse, you feel like some of these cheap, elastic hair ties are causing breakage and damage on the curls you work hard to grow.

If this sounds like you, you’re gonna want to get ahold of some Afro Puff Scrunchies.

Color: Black

These Scrunchies make your natural hair life easier by giving you a snap on/snap off feature to use for all your favorite styles. Plus, they’re made with YOUR hair in mind.

The Scrunchie is:

  • Strong & gentle. Perfect for holding even the biggest and thickest hair in a stylish puff.

  • Soft with No Slippage. Your soft nylon Scrunchies are gentle on your curls, yet strong enough to hold your style without slipping out.

  • Guaranteed Ouchless. Easy to remove with the snap-off technology. No tangles, breakage or damage.

  • Adjustable. Snap two or more Scrunchies together to get the ideal size for your hairstyle and fit.

  • Guaranteed for Life. All Scrunchies come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. If they ever stretch out, wear out or break, we will replace them free, for life.

If you’re tired of trying to make it work with bad hair ties, and you’re ready to ease into the perfect puff …