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SwirlyCurly | The Original Snappee™ Hair Ties | Ponytail Holders for Curly Hair (pack of 5)

The Original Snappee™ Hair Ties | The Best Everyday Hair Ties for Naturally Curly Hair, Afro Hair, Puffs, Buns, and more!

Gathering your curls into the perfect high puff takes time, patience, and skill. You want to get it perfect, but it’s hard when you’re using weird makeshift items to get it right.

If this sounds like you, you’re gonna want some Snappees™ in your arsenal.

The Snappee™ Hair Ties makes your natural curly hair life easier by giving you a snap-on/snap-off feature to use with all your favorite styles.

The Snappee™ Hair Ties are:

  • Strong & Gentle - Snappee™ Hair Ties are gentle on your hair, but strong enough to hold your hair style, even during active sports.

  • Soft & Stretchy - Perfect for holding thick, curly hair, locks, and afro hair of all styles without damaging your curly hair.

  • Guaranteed Pain-Free - Easy to remove with our one-of-a-kind snap-on/snap-off technology. No tangles, breakage or damage to your hair.

  • Adjustable - Snap two or more Snappees™ together to have more style variety.

  • Lifetime Warranty - If your Snappee™ Hair Ties ever stretch-out, wear-out, or break, we will replace them for free.

Use them for high and low puffs, buns, stretching your curls, and more.
Snappees™ are super easy to use and you’re gonna love how much time you save on your natural hair styles.