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Hairbrella Satin-Lined Shower Cap

So Fresh, So Clean! The Hairbrella Shower Cap keeps your hairstyle fresh while you get clean.

Take your shower time to the next level with the luxury of our satin-lined interior and 100% waterproof microfiber exterior.


  • 100% Waterproof and Leak Proof: The lightweight microfiber wicks away moisture making sure your strands are safe and secure.

  • Satin-Lined Interior: Style and substance, this luxurious material reduces friction to prevent breakage

  • Satin-Lined Band for Edges: Protect your edges and ensure no strands are left stranded

  • Adjustable Band for a Secure Fit and protection from moisture and steam

  • Roomy interior to accommodate varying hair lengths and textures

  • No Plastic, Fantastic! The microfiber beads away moisture preventing moisture retention, mildew and odor. 


Care Instructions

Hand Wash & Hang Dry


One Size Fits Most