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Navi Hair Solutions | Scalp Dermaroller

Navi Hair Solutions Dermaroller provides a 1mm 540 Titanium Needle Scalp Roller created with our customers in mind.

Micro-Needling helps to remove dead skin cells from the scalp and helps support the efficacy of Hair Health Solutions.

The result of continued use is a revitalized scalp and thicker-looking hair.

The science and technology behind Navi Hair Solutions products provides effective solutions for your hair health needs.

Micro-Needling uses the body’s natural processes to create the most effective results. The 540 Titanium Needles help to support a healthy, revitalized scalp.


How to use your Navi Hair Solutions Dermaroller:

Be sure to sanitize your dermaroller after each use by soaking the head of the roller in 75% alcohol for 5-8 minutes.

If using a topical treatment, apply to the desired area prior to using the dermaroller.

Using gentle pressure roll the device over the scalp approximately 5 times in each direction over the desired areas of your scalp.

Do not apply topicals to the dermaroller.

Do not use a wet dermaroller.

If your dermaroller becomes damaged, do not use. Damaged needles can cause injuries.